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The Story of  
A VERY Busy 
In Birmingham, Alabama   

"I knew running my business wouldn't be easy... I just didn't think it would weigh on me this much.


Between staffing and day-to-day operations, it feels like my company is running me. I'm frustrated! I want to grow my business and I can't afford to get tied up every minute of the workday.


How can I bulletproof my business? I want to be hands-free and in control."

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The most important service we have is saving you time. Through our experience and proven systems, we efficiently recruit and mentor staff so that you are free to focus on your next mountain.


You may have a short window to find, hire, and train a new employee. Once you get through writing job descriptions, posting ads, and conducting interviews, can you be sure you've hired the right person? Will they be able to keep your business functioning until they really learn the job?


If your new hire doesn't work out, how much more time do you have to spend replacing them again?

The Solution for  

Hiregen handles all aspects of recruiting and staffing, giving you back your valuable time and focus. From your first job description to your last exit interview our goal is is to build your ideal team and maintain those relationships. Low turnover and clear communication of vision is key to your success.


After finding the right people, we help with the onboarding process. With Hiregen your company is guaranteed to make a good first impression on any new hire. We then consistently follow up on their experience so that we can strengthen relationships within your company and improve training. Knowing trouble is on the horizon before it's too late is precious knowledge for a business owner who wants to stay on top and in control.

From Traditional

Most staffing companies "hit it and quit it" when it comes to your hiring.


We walk the extra mile with you because we believe stopping at the acceptance letter isn't enough to develop a strong, durable team.

What is in it for you?
See What Our Clients Are Saying

"Working with Hiregen is like a breath of fresh air!

They dug deep to understand my business needs and get the right people onboard. I am happy with my employees and I think Hiregen's ongoing management style has a lot to do with it. They check in with everyone on a weekly basis to help keep us all in sync and clicking together. Maintaining my staff has never been easier."

Senior Vice President

Vestavia Hills, Alabama

"I am amazed at their personal approach. Every week, like clockwork, we talk about how I'm doing with my goals and any problems I'm facing. Having an expert in my corner to advise me has kept me sane. I can tell I've changed. I feel more engaged, accountable, and optimistic about the results of my work."

Sales Executive
Hoover, Alabama

"I suddenly lost two of my essential leaders of management which left me trying to fill both of their shoes in the time it was taking to replace them. I can undoubtedly say that Hiregen saved me over a hundred hours of recruiting, interviews, paperwork, and onboarding. Our company is now in a stronger, more loyal, position than before and turnaround is at an all-time low."

Business Owner
Indian Springs, Alabama

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